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Mount Kenya has some of the smart climbs in Africa. on the mountain there are several climbing practice areas especially on the northern moorlands, Gorges valley, Hide valley, Hobley valley and many other areas on the minor peaks. If one wants to reach the highest point of Mount Kenya which is peak Batian (5,199m) followed by peak Nelion (5,192m) climbing experience is already needed.

One can get a guide who organises for the climbing equipment, if not available.



Mt Kenya is already recognized by UNESCO as a world Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. One of the reason is its beautiful, diverse and unique sceneries. The main u-shaped valleys that spread in a radial pattern from the peaks is just one example next to the historical caves, beautiful rivers, lakes and tans. Mt Kenya has a variety of wildlife which include elephant, buffalo, leopard, eland, defassa water buck and much more. Nature walks are highly recommented for those, who want to discover the unique afroalpine landscape. Learn more about Mount Kenya as a important historical and cultural sign while discovering the caves and enjoying the landscape.