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Please observe following while in the park:

  1. Respect the privacy of the wildlife, this is their habitat

  2. Be aware of the animals, they are wild and can be unpredictable

  3. Do not crowd the animals or make sudden noises or movements. Car hooting is not allowed while inside the park.

  4. Do not feed the animals, it upsets their diet and leads to human dependence.

  5. Keep quiet, noise disturbs the wildlife and may antagonize your fellow visitors.

  6. Stay in your vehicle at all times, except at designated areas.

  7. Keep below the maximum speed limit (40kph/25mph). Overspeeding is strictly prohibited and may lead to getting banned from visiting the park in the future

  8. Never drive off-road, this severely damages the habitat.

  9. When viewing wildlife keep to a minimum distance of 20 meters and pull to the side of the road so as allow others to pass.

  10. Do not litter or throw cigarette butts.

  11. If camping, do not leave fires unattended or discard burning objects.

  12. Respect the cultural heritage of Kenya, never take a picture of the local people or their habitat without asking their permission, respect the cultural traditions of Kenya and always dress with decorum.

  13. Stay over or leave before dusk, visitors must vacate the park by 6.00 p.m. unless they are camping overnight

  14. All visitors should enter the park with a qualified and certified guide. Guides and porters have identification cards issued by the park management

  15. Disposable plastic water bootles are not alowed in the park

  16. guides and porters are not allowed to carry luggage that exceed 25 KG. Weighing of luggage will be done at the gate on entry

  17. All visitors are required to check in and out of the park, this is done by recording personel information in the entry and exit books

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